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USB Spy Cam

Usb Spy Camcorder is a normal USB drive with built in 2 GB and Hidden SpyCam as hands free Camcorder. Upload your hidden Spy footage Video Movies directly to the www.youtube.com website and show to the world your own broadcast.  YouTube SpyCam USB drive perfect Spy Camera and digital voice recorder a Smallest Pen Camcorder in the market, Ajoka is the China  Manufacturer of Security Camera  You Tube SpyCam and other spy products. Use it as a Hidden Pen Camera on your Shirt pocket or use as a normal storage device by direct connection to your USB port. Every day you see many interesting events but never could record, Mobile phone takes time to start recording until the event has gone :) but with YouTube SpyCam just slide a single button to start recording and then connect to your computer USB port and upload your own movie production to you tube or other video submission web sites.

USB Spy Cam

USB Spy Cam

You Tube

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USB Spy Camcorder
Smallest spy cameras in the world Ajoka is the Manufacturer of small video recording System tiny surveillance Camera Smallest hidden Camera Micro Pocket AV recorder pen Camera Smallest DVR for Law enforcement agencies and detective or for fun

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